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Pikes Creek Dam Rehab Project
Please be advised that blasting operations for the
Pikes Creek Dam Rehab Project located between
Atherton Rd, Fedor Rd. and State Rte 29 in Hunlock
Creek, Jackson Township, PA will begin on or about
October 17th, 2016. Blasting operations will
continue Monday through Friday between the hours
of 9:00AM & 4:00 PM, except on days of extreme
inclement weather and/or unsafe conditions, until
approximately January 31st, 2017.

Ed Wean Drilling and Blasting is the Blasting
Contractor. The blasting operations are extremely
safe and controlled, so no damage is expected.  Ed
Wean Drilling and Blasting can be reached at 908-
454-1656 with any questions or concerns in regards
to suspected damage.

Ed Wean Drilling and Blasting has the proper
experienced personnel and equipment. Measures
have been taken to ensure there is no impact on the

There will be no impact on utilities, such as
electricity, water or gas services.

There will be no impact on schools or any other

PEACE will be setting up Nomis 5400 Seismographs
to record ground movement, noise levels and hertz.
It only takes approximately 10 minutes to set these
machines up and an additional 10 minutes to
remove them after the blast. The seismographs are
put into place to ensure the blasts are within the
state regulated safe and legal limits to ensure no
damage occurs to surrounding structures.

Prior to any blast, an audible warning with an air
horn will be sounded, 3 long air horn signals 5 min.
prior, 2 long air horn signal 1 min. prior, and 1 long
air horn signals for “all clear.” The “all clear signals
will not be given until the Blaster in Charge has
determined the blast area is safe.

Your patience is appreciated.